Friday, August 17, 2012


Ava and Sam actually played together doing this for a long time -- maybe almost an hour! I didn't put our stroller away the other day and it turned into all kinds of fun. First, Sam climbed on it, then Ava thought it looked like the coolest thing ever, so she joined him. And then it became . . . a boat! 

They would get in and rock it -- riding the waves! (It's a three-wheeled jogger, so it was very tippy going back and forth on that front wheel.) Then they would jump out and get in the "water" to swim. I love when they find a shared activity that they can have fun doing together. I don't think Sam totally gets what's going on, but he was laughing and having tons of fun doing what Ava was doing. Cuties!

I thought the goggles were a nice touch. :) Drooly boy! He's working on three more teeth. And he just drools for fun sometimes, I think . . . haha.

But you have to look out!! Gator infested waters! Yikes.

Ava got Sam's alligators and put them there. But, actually, she said they're nice alligators, so I guess we're safe. :)

P.S. Sarah, Chris, & Adelyn -- Sam says thank you for his new gator. He thinks it's funny that it squeaks!

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  1. Your kids are hilarious and have quite the imagination. How fun!! Love it. Goggles do make it better : )