Tuesday, August 2, 2011


   Ava is at the fun stage where she's really starting to take hold of our lovely English language and get creative with it. Ah, toddlerhood . . . the only time it is acceptable and, dare I say, cute to use poor grammar. 

   Currently, she's experimenting with plurals:

More than one dog = Dogses
A herd of cows = Cowses
A night sky filled with stars = Starses
Storytime = Bookses
Toes = Toeses

   Seeing a trend? Funny thing is that she used to be more correct in her plural usage. Now, she's decided to try -ses at the end of everything for awhile. 'Cause it's fun! We get our kicks where we can.

   Or, maybe she's turning into Gollum. "Nasty, tricksy hobbitses . . . "