Friday, February 24, 2012

Be Mine ❤

Sooo . . . I know Valentine's day was awhile ago now, but I thought I'd post a little about what we did. I especially wanted to show Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Lee how much fun the kids (well, mostly Ava) had with the things from the cool Valentine package! :) 

While Sam was napping, we made Valentine candy from a really cool Wilton candy-making kit they sent. It was so easy and fun! Ava was a good little helper. I didn't really get any pictures of the process of making them, just before and after shots . . . we kind of had to do it fast so that we wouldn't have to reheat the chocolate too often. It was really fun though! 

So, basically, we just put the candies in these bags and then microwaved them for a bit and they were all good to go! Very simple. You can kind of see the molds in the picture next to Ava. We did a little bit of detail work with the paintbrush -- that was Ava's favorite part :), and then just filled in the rest of the mold with the melted candy! 

The set made quite a few candies! These are just a few of them. They turned out really cute! Ava made the ones that look kind of swirly. Didn't she do a great job? She loved it! Ava took a couple of them to the little girls that live next door to us. It was fun sharing her candies! We're excited, too, because now that they've met each other a little, I think we're going to have a playtime with them soon. Hooray for new friends!

Next, Ava put up the Valentine window stickers all by herself. It was pretty exciting!


Sam liked his new shirts and everything, too! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! Your Valentine's Day package really made our day special. :)

And, by the way, Adam and I got to have a little fun in our day, too! A lovely family from our church babysat for us while we went out on a double-date. We tried a nice restaurant downtown that we'd never been to before. It was sooo good! Then we just got to spend the evening relaxing a bit after the kids went to bed . . . and we probably watched a Downton Abbey or two. :) Oh, and Adam gave me some flowers that are actually still looking beautiful a week and a half later -- impressive! I heart Valentine's Day. :)

A little something extra: Here are the Valentines that the kids "made" for Daddy . . . cute, eh?  They're such creative little people! Ha! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A little look at life today . . . 

Ava made some binoculars! (or, "'noculars" as she likes to say). We love doing little art projects around here, and what's better than some good ol' TP tube binoculars? She had such a fun time making them!

She actually started them last night -- after hot-gluing them together, she chose her paint palette - purple, pink and white. She did pretty well with painting for awhile . . . 

. . . but then got distracted by the idea of fingerpainting! We had to take a binocular break so she could create another little project. Cute! 

Eventually, she came back to it and glopped some more paint on . . . so I helped her spread it out a bit. The half-inch thick paint job wasn't really drying out. :) Anyway, we ended up with a nice, swirly pinkish-purplish color. Lovely! After she went to bed, I added a little glitter spray for a fun surprise.  

This morning she said, "Ooo . . . it sparkles, Mama!" :)
She chose some lavender ribbon to attach, and presto! Time for exploring!

She had lots of fun discovering things through her binoculars today. She told me all the different colors of houses she could see on our street, found trees, looked at snow (lots of it!), cars . . . all kinds of things! 

 Have you done any exploring today? :)