Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Share the Love: Adoption Fundraiser}

Hi Friends!
Just wanted to let you all know that the {Share the Love: Adoption Fundraiser} is going on now! All day yesterday, Liz Messer  at I'd Rather Be Elspeth, posted all of the different packages that you can enter to win. Each package has its own post, so if you go to her site you can see detailed info on all of them! The super cape I made is in the Boy Package, and the art smock is in the Girl Package. There are many other packages, too! Here's a little look at all of them, but really, you must go over to her site and see them. The fundraiser will last until August 26th.

Click on the text below each photo to go directly to her site and see detailed info & photos of everything included in each package!

There are so many amazing things to choose from! Please join with me in supporting the Messer family. You can enter to win any of the above packages for just $5 per entry. You can make multiple entries for the same package or spread out your entries if you wish. For example, if you really wanted to win the cute Girl Package, you could enter once for $5, five times for $25, etc. Basically, you can enter as many times as you want to for any or all of the packages!

A little more about the Messers, if you haven't heard their story
Their daughter, Micah, was born in 2009 at 29 weeks by emergency c-section. Very shocked new parents, Joe and Liz, had a hard road watching her struggle through her early weeks in the NICU, but God protected her in those early days. Now she has grown into this beautiful, healthy girl!
Because of where the c-section was performed, doctors were unsure about whether Joe and Liz would be able to have many children, so they already knew at that time that they wanted to adopt someday. A little over a year ago, they lost their tiny baby son, Liam James, in Liz's second pregnancy due to uterine rupture. 
I can't help but sit here and cry as I write this -- such suffering in the life of my dear friend is hard to bear. But, I am so thankful for them and their heart for adoption. It is such a blessing to that they will soon be able to provide a home for a little baby in desperate need of loving parents like Liz and Joe -- and a sweet big sister like Micah!

I would love for you to go over to Liz's blog and check out the fundraiser. Any amount of help will go a long way toward their goal. Pray for them, too, as they continue to heal from the loss of little Liam, and as they look hopefully ahead to their adoption!

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