Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Blog Monster

I meant to blog more . . . but I haven't.  

Anyhoo, lately there has been lots of talk of blogs in our house. Mostly about Adam's songwriting blog, which you can visit here if you'd like! I'm pretty unabashedly proud of my hubby's songwriting. It's awesome! :) The blog he has is sort of a stage for his current project of writing 24 songs. It's really been great for him as a musician -- allowing him to hone his skills as a songwriter, try out some different things stylistically, and just work on writing a greater volume of songs in a shorter amount of time. He's been working hard on it and has already released the first set of six songs on Noisetrade

It's been fun for me, too! I love hearing all of the different ideas he comes up with and seeing his growth as a writer. AND he lets me sing with him sometimes. :) Woo hoo! This is probably my favorite song he's done lately. Beautiful.

Anyway, with all this going on, Adam and I had been chatting quite a bit about what he'd do next on the blog, how to promote the blog, and other bloggy conversations. We didn't realize it at first, but apparently all this talk of "blogs" set Ava's little mind to work and made her a bit uneasy. 

Then one day, as Adam and I were once again talking about the blog, she came to me with wide and serious eyes and said, "That blog can't get you, Mommy!"

Ooohhhh . . . how very sad! (And adorable.) And sad. Poor little Ava had developed a fear of this unknown "blog". It all clicked with me then. For several days she had been making little comments about blogs. Once, in particular, she was looking around and said, "There's no blogs in here!" She hadn't seemed upset, though, so I just sort of laughed about it and we went on with our day. 

So, needless to say . . . we spent some time assuring her that blogs can't "get" anyone.  Poor Boo!!