Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sam at 2

You may have heard that my sweet baby boy is two now. 
He used to be this big:

And then was this big at 1:

And now is just getting way too grown up! 

Memories of Sam at Two:

Talking up a storm -- At this point, you’d probably have to be around Sam a lot to understand all of his speech, but he’s really taking off in the vocabulary department. Really, the last month has been his biggest vocab growth spurt so far in his young life.  We seem to be moving on from grunting & pointing toward actual consistent word use! Hooray! My favorites: “Vah-vah” for Ava and “Luj you” for Love you. Aww . . . 

Determined, inventive, busy -- Sam is one of those kids that gets into everything and wants to know how it all works. He’s definitely disassembled a few things in his day.  He's curious and truly is a problem-solver. Rather than pointing helplessly at an object that is out of reach, he devises a scheme to reach his prize; scaling furniture and walls along the way. As you can imagine, this comes with its own unique set of parenting challenges. (ha!)

Sweet -- He’s got more than his fair share of rambunctious boyishness, but he does have a softer side. He loves to grab a cup of milk and a blanket and come snuggle up with one of us on the couch. And, he’s more than willing to give momma a nice, drooly night-night kiss. I love my boy!

Favorite Things
“To-to” (toast) or frosted mini wheats for breakfast 
Fruit of all kinds.
Veggies of most kinds.
Milk -- he’s an addict.
String Cheese!

Mr. Bear is always at the top of the list.
His Bike!
Trains, cars, trucks -- sound effects included. 
My favorite are the little chugging choo-choo sounds he makes. Adorable :)

To Do
Play and wrestle with Daddy
Eat snow -- while Ava may busily run around and play in the snow, Sam would rather find a nice spot to sit and chow down.
Read stories before bed.
Copy Ava in their play.
Go on bike rides.
Play Drums! Learning to rock out.

Other Little Things
--  His teeth are coming in very slowly. Maybe it's not too unusual, but the kid still only has about 9 teeth or so. Where are they?? And, every time one does start to come in, it takes weeks or even months to fully show itself. I guess my only comparison is Ava, who had a full set by about 12-15 months. Sam has his first dentist appt in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what they say! 

--  He has just a bit of curl to his hair when it gets long enough to show. :)

--  One of his biggest "naughty" issues? Power cords. Outlets. Computer cords. Electronics in general! He is still learning this lesson the hard way. They plug in! They unplug! It's just so amazing! No matter how much I wish we could, not all power cords can be hidden behind furniture.

--  Sam’s Papa (my dad) wears hats sometimes, and somehow, Sam has exclusively identified hats with Papa. So, if we’re out & about and someone else in the wide world happens to be wearing a hat, he points to it and says, “Papa! Papa! Hat! Hat!” It seems to be rather disconcerting for him, as I think he may believe that all these people are walking around in stolen hats. 

--  This boy looks like his daddy! And so does his sister, for that matter . . . I think baby #3 will look like me. I've decided.

Life Right Now

We are getting ready for baby brother to arrive! Less than three months to go. I still find it odd thinking that Sam won't be my baby anymore. Weird! Soon he'll be stuck as a middle child . . . but I was a middle child & thought it was pretty cool, so no worries!

With the new addition coming soon, Sam is transitioning into his big boy bed. We considered getting a second crib for awhile, but that just seemed silly, so he's movin' on up! Surprisingly, he's doing pretty well with the change (at least better than I thought he would be). We've had a few times when he's gotten out of bed, but he's learning what's expected and figuring it out. Good job, little buddy! 

The only downside . . . now he can get out of bed as soon as his little eyes open in the morning. Which means we're awakened by a bright and cheerful little dude about an hour earlier than we were in our previous routine. Sam's the only early riser in this house! The rest of us prefer to laze about all morning. Ha.


Hope you enjoyed hearing about my little two year-old!