Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ava's Favorite Things

A friend of mine recently posted an interview with her little girl. It was fun & sweet, so I thought I'd interview Ava, too! She loved it. We did this a while ago and she has actually asked me to interview her several times since then. :) I wrote her answers exactly as she said them to me, so these are her responses word for word. 

Favorite Color: 
Pink! Pink! Pinkpink! And orange, too.

Favorite Toy: 
A Volcano Toy! I need a real one made out of rocks. And Daisy Dog.
(She is really interested in volcanoes right now -- which you'll see in some of her following responses. She has a volcano she made out of clay, but apparently she wants the real thing!)

Favorite Fruit: 

Favorite Show:
Rudolph and Wall-E

Favorite Thing to Eat for Lunch: 

Favorite Outfit: 
Dresses. That Ladybug Dress. Playing dress-up is fun. I wear an outfit that’s a dress!
(She would choose to wear a dress or skirt every day if she could.)

Favorite Game: 
Memory and Candy Land

Favorite Snack:
A sandwich.

Favorite Animal:
A Shark! I like to look at them in the ocean. I like friendly sharks. I had a dream like that! There was a princess shark that was really, really nice.
(Haha! This response surprised me a bit! We've been watching some ocean documentaries on Netflix lately. Also, she often tells us about her "dreams" like that. I love her little imagination.)

Favorite Song:
(She sang it about a zillion times throughout the Christmas season.)

Favorite Book: 
The Best Book of Volcanoes

Favorite Friend: 
Drew and Sam and Henry and Violet. Drew is a nice boy.

Favorite Cereal:
Honey Nut Chex 

Favorite thing to do outside:
Make a sand castle.

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Holiday: 
Christmas! And Valenstime, too. And Birthday Parties!

Favorite Thing to Sleep with: 
Pink Blankie

Favorite Breakfast:
Volcanoes. Caldera Volcanoes. I mean, bananas.
(Bahahahaha!! I have no idea. Apparently she was distracted . . . )

Favorite Place to Eat:
(Loves the pesto cavatappi.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?: 
A Volcanologist. Sometimes they sing about volcanoes. And they study volcanoes and use tools. AND they could sing about volcanoes.

What does Daddy do?:
Sing. Umm . . . I don’t know. What does he do? 

Who Loves you the most?:
Uh, YOU do!

Where would you like to go on a trip?:
GRANDMA’S!!! On a train! I would play with toys at Grandma’s. 

What is your favorite thing to do?
My favorite thing to do is brushing my teeth and snuggling pink blankie and taking silly pictures!

And with that, I'll leave you with a sampling said "silly pictures" -- she's a Photo Booth fan! She asks to do this almost every day. She just sits there laughing hysterically at her silliness! :)